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The Way To Grow Natural Hair Fast And Good

The Way To Grow Natural Hair Fast And Good

  • Saturday, 26 May 2018
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Do you know why some people the hair is grow very quick and good and some people hair is grow slow and bad? Most of people think the reason is natural,and is genetic.Of course,that's right.but it's not perfect,Except genetic,have some reason is person reason.Therefore,if you hair is always bad,and we should how to protect hair so that grow natural hair.What are the method ?

   1.vegetables and fruit

  It's no doubt that the vegetables and fruit is need to more eat,it contain lots of vitamin,can supplement nutrition and be good for our hair.What's more,such as the apple,It can help beaty for your skin , detox for your body and improve memory function and so on.

  2.Usual habits

  Your usual habits is very important also.Some situation and suggestion,for instance:first,It is recommended that use wide cumb when your tease hair,the smooth hair is more help the hair grow.second,don't always twirling your hair around your fingers and so on.third,you need to trim split ends when it exist.In short,It's very important that you should notice this details.


  You must be make the most of about conditioner product,the conditioner is can  moisturize you hair and lock in that moisture about your hair.Only you hair get nutrition is enough,your hair is good,and grow more natural ,longer.

   Do you know other method?Can you share them?


Wrote by---Giulia hair

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