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How To Bright Eyes About Makeup?

How To Bright Eyes About Makeup?

  • Thursday, 25 January 2018
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I believe that everybody hope have a pair of pretty eyes.Not only big,but also bright.For our black woman,If you can learn how to bright ayes,then,you will become one of the most beautiful in the crowd.

  First step:Prep lids with a light base shadow

  Before you apply eye shadow,you should prep lids with a light base shadow.It make you eye is brighten.and create a smooth canvas for other shadows to adhere to.

  Second step:Medium-toned shadows

  Use medium-toned shadows in that place.And choose color according to your like .Then,use a little brush and short sweeping motions gently sweep in any visible edges along the eye socket.Make your eye shadom more natural.

  Third step:Eyeliner

  choose eyeliner,you should based on the effect you want.when you want to have graphic line,you should choose go for go for gel or liquid liner.when you want yo have a softer line,you can choose use a dark powder shadow or pencil.

  Four step:Mascara brush

  Right use mascara brush,deep into the roots of the top lashes to deposit the most mascara along the lashline, then draw the brush upwards to the lash tips to gradually coat and gently curl each lash as you go.

Wrote by---Giulia hair

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