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How To Care For Your Human Hair

How To Care For Your Human Hair

  • Monday, 22 January 2018
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As we know,more and more people like wear human hair,not only it very pretty,but also it a kind of fashion,what's more,it will be good for your health also.Then, Do you know how to care for yourself human hair? As a human hair professional people,I have some suggestion want to tell you.I'm very glad to share it with you.I hope you will like it also.

  1.Brush hair

  you should gently brush the human hair before washing your hair,and through with a human hair brush.When it have tangle,avoid use the brush,you need to use your fingers and gently remove tangle or spray some water to prevent the hair from the hair tangle.

  2.Time and times about wash it

  When you make sure your human hair is smooth and soft,you should consider the time and times ,and make your hair keep smooth and soft.Washing hair the best way to is once a week.It's very notice that you can't washed it everyday.Otherwise,your human hair will be damaged.

  Last but not least,the human hair is natural,you only need to take special care to it and make it last longer.

Always treat your hair extensions just like your own hair and take good care of it, and then you can enjoy a smooth, sleek and long-lasting hair.

Wrote by---Giulia hair

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