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How To Draw Eyes Makeup

How To Draw Eyes Makeup

  • Sunday, 04 February 2018
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It is said that: The eyes are the windows of the soul.Then,Learning makeup the important section is draw eyes makeup. 
  First step,If you want to learn draw eyes makeup,you should prepare eye shadow,eye shadow brush,eyeliner,lash curler or false eyelashes.

  Second step,the first step use eye shadow.Usually,we should use three color.The first kind color the best choose is white or light pink,use Eye shadow base.The second kind color the best choose a little deep kind color,use the eye Middle and end.The third color the best choose is deep color.Last,use eye shadow brush,make you eye shadow look more natural.notice under the eyes need to draw also. 

  Third step,draw eyeliner,now,the more popular is start from middle on end,and have a little go out.the draw way to make your eye more big and pretty.Of course,If your eye is single-fold eyelid,It is recommended that draw from the beginning to the end.
Four step,use lash curler or false eyelashes,If your eyelash is long,you can suitable use lash curler,and From the root to the end.If your eyelash is short,you can choose false eyelashes.However,all make you eye is big.Notice,the under the eye need to draw or stick also.

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