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How to Tell if Hair is Human or Synthetic

How to Tell if Hair is Human or Synthetic

  • Friday, 19 January 2018
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It's no doubt that everybody hope get really  human hair,not synthetic.Then,we only know the human hair is expensive than synthetic.So,we will be cheated also.Then,we should how to tell if hair is human or synthetic.


  The human hair can be used for years and blend in easily with natural hair.But the synthetic hair look old after a few weeks of wear and cannot be washed or styled like human hair.

  2.The texture differences of real and synthetic hair

 The real extensions constructed of human hair is smooth,shiny and very comfortable.the synthetic hair is no smooth and very coarse.the head feel is very bad.

  3.Observe the ends of the hair

  you should know the synthetic will always be perfect through and through,but the human hair is have some damage,because the human hair is have been used and after years.

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